• Home-made duck foie gras

  • Wild sea bass

  • Profiteroles, with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce

The kitchens of Le Petit Zinc are where the best recipes of French gastronomy simmer, some of which display a remarkable touch of imagination. Starting with the subtle savours of prawn fritters in sweet and sour sauce.

This “Rive Gauche” restaurant provides the backdrop where the chef can give full rein to his expertise, in particular with two hallmark dishes (the thick cut veal liver and Aveyron shoulder of lamb), which ensure the reputation of this restaurant in Paris’ Boulevard Saint-Germain.

The quintessential numbered line-caught bass, whose clay crust is broken with a hammer, deserves special mention… putting the menus of certain Parisian fish restaurants in the shade.

Amazing both for its cuisine and setting, Le Petit Zinc is a Saint-Germain restaurant situated near Paris’ Beaux-Arts and Latin Quarter cinemas. Art Nouveau in style, the decor is made up of items from auction sales, old metro stations and the old Biarritz casino.

The work of Hector Guimard, the outer façade also gives the establishment undeniable charm. An authentic work of art, Le Petit Zinc draws attention in the same way as the works of the Musée National Eugène Delacroix. Intimate ambience in the very heart of the Latin Quarter.

Just a few steps away from the Saint-Germain Church, Le Petit Zinc is a typical, ideally situated restaurant. Unlike the Café de Flore, Le Petit Zinc’s terrace is in a quiet street, ensuring that meals can be enjoyed in complete tranquillity.

The historic and dynamic Saint-Germain Quarter has many points of interest, such as the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier, the Luxembourg Gardens or the Rue de Rennes, perfect for a spot of shopping.

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The Petit Zinc terrace

Located in a quiet street in the Saint-Germain area,

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